Dear Patients, Clients & Viewers,

Choose Diagnosis to Prevent, before it becomes a Compulsion to Cure.

No-one chooses to be unwell but if you need medical diagnosis of any sort, we hope that you would make Birat International Reference Lab your lab of choice, based on its reputation for excellent diagnostic outcomes, its facilities and its friendly nature. We are your world-class healthcare provider in the heart of your community.

Since the inception of Biratnagar Asptal (formerly Birat Nursing Home) & Birat International Reference Lab (formerly Birat Diagnostic), our driving force has been passion for our work and commitment to our patients’ wellbeing. Over the span of 20-21 years, our dedication towards our patients has not withered, instead it has given us strength and motivation to remain in step with the latest developments in this fast-changing field, by periodically upgrading and modernizing tests and the lab. Professionally, maintaining the highest levels of quality and credibility has been central to our endeavor. We understand that the key to the proper medical treatment is the proper diagnosis which undoubtedly depends on how precise and accurate are test results given by the pathology lab. This is a huge challenge and we have embraced it with full conviction. We are proud to state that BIRL is accredited by both ISO and BIORAD. 

I truly and deeply appreciate the help of my team of doctors, administrative staff and employees who have always stood by me and worked with full commitment and unwavering enthusiasm towards the attainment of our goals. I would like to thank the patients for bestowing their faith in our professional abilities. Last but not the least I would like to express my gratitude to the worthy practicing consultants of Province 1 and beyond for the trust they repose on us. 

If you are not satisfied with the response you receive or still have concerns please ask to speak to any of our Senior Managers and we will do our very best to assist you.

It is because we care that we are proud to say that 97.9% of our patients would recommend us.


Mr. Denis Karki


Birat Medical College & Teaching Hospital

Birat Nursing Home

(London School of Economics)